GEICO Ripoff

Did you ever wonder why Geico can afford to advertise so frequently?

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Parts Depot

How can they save you 15% in 15 minutes on your insurance bill? The answer, as I learned first hand, is simple. In the GEICO contract, there is a little clause that says they get to use "like parts" when they fix your vehicle. It means they can scrounge for parts in junk cars, use rusted parts, used parts, refurbished parts, previously crashed parts, buy parts in the after market, use non-OEM parts.

They can source from China, South America, Mexico or anywhere that's cheap. Like a junk yard. The parts they use do not have to fit properly, or last,  and you won't know unless you can see the problem from the outside. How do I know this?

I had a policy with GEICO when I was involved in a 12 car accident. The police assigned full blame on an uninsured driver so GEICO, by law, was responsible to repair my car because I had uninsured motorist coverage.

I took my brand new SUV to my trusted, preferred body shop. GEICO complained because they wanted me to use their preferred bodyshop so they can hide their dirty little "like parts" secret. Since my car was brand new, I instructed my shop to source the parts from the manufacturer. GEICO complained bitterly. They got nasty and refused to pay. I had to pay over $1,700 out of my own pocket, beyond the deductible to get my SUV properly repaired.

I was injured in the accident but GEICO refused to pay my medical expenses. When I contacted 3 different injury attorneys, I was told that GEICO will fight every case to the max and it would take years to collect, and it is likely I would never have collected. When I contacted the GEICO corporate office they were nasty to me. I highly recommend that you stay away from these reptiles.

It's no wonder their mascot looks like a lizard.

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